Noun New York Guest of A Guest Feature

When New York City was in the midst of the darkest days of quarantine, many of us weren't sure when our lives would return to normal - which in this city means grabbing a coffee from our favorite cafe, indulging in a lively dinner with friends, and grabbing an after-work cocktail from our local bar. So when Amanda Giuffre, the artist behind @nounnewyork, turned her Instagram account into an illustrated love letter to NYC, we turned to her gorgeous illustrations to hold us over until we could visit all of our favorite places once again.

Thankfully, for now, outdoor dining and masked-up take-away drinks have given us some solace, but Giuffre's work still fuels the same sense of nostalgia and love for the staples we've practically called home over the years. It's a sentiment shared by most New Yorkers; it's no wonder that many have even commissioned Giuffre to capture their own go-tos around town. 

While we continue to dream about sharing a candlelit meal indoors, we caught up with the artist drawing up the spots we miss. Click through to learn all about her process and some of her own must-hit locales.

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[Photos courtesy Noun New York]

by Stephanie Maida