/noun/ a word used to identify any of a class of people, places, or things

My name is Amanda Giuffre. I am a graphic designer and illustrator here in NYC. Throughout COVID-19 and quarantine I found myself missing life in Manhattan. Restaurants and bars are a HUGE part of my life in the city. As a creative outlet, I began drawing my favorite spots, each place associated with different memories.

I create these drawings using ink, not pencil- so nothing can be erased. My favorite part of each doodle is it’s imperfections. I add the color digitally, and have them printed to bring the drawings to you. 

I hope each print brings a smile.



Noun New York 


Note: These illustrations are no way affiliated or endorsed by the restaurants and places. They are simply my visual interpretation. Each print is hand-drawn and original. No copies should be made of the prints, unless authorized by Amanda Giuffre or Noun New York. All rights reserved to Amanda Giuffre.